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Chris Salter - "Research-Creation, Hexagram and Embodied Knowing in a Digital World"

  • Date de parution : 24/11/2014
  • Durée : 1 h 8 min
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Résumé de la vidéo

Although the word research increasingly surfaces in relationship to digitally-based art and design, there is much confusion over exactly what this term means, particularly in regards to institutions outside of academic contexts. In institutionalized settings, research signifies modes of acquiring new knowledge that coherently and systematically advance a field, is grounded, supported and adhered to by established methods and techniques and is validated by ...

Round table - "Digital art & sciences"

  • Date de parution : 20/11/2014
  • Durée : 1 h 24 min
  • Crédits :

Résumé de la vidéo

Researchers and artists will discuss and debate of the interactions existing between digital art and science.

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