Triosmart, the film of and for the circular economy

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  • Date de parution : 12/07/2018
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Résumé de la vidéo

Video summary

Today, selective sorting and recycling (glass, plastic) have almost become a citizen gesture and a shared concern. Plastics are widely used in the daily life of consumers, but are also commonplace in the agricultural industry to protect crops such as lamb’s lettuce (corn salad) for example. A company based in Pouancé (France), named Trioplast, and a horticultural farm, SCEA Bouyer, settled in La Chapelle Basse-Mer have developed “Triosmart”, a technological and organizational innovation, in collaboration with LEMNA (Laboratory of economics and management at Nantes University). It enables the recycling of used horticultural plastic films and their reuse for horticultural farming. This month’s new issue of En quête d'innovation (In quest for innovation) unfolds the film of, and for, the circular economy!

This project has benefited from the financial support of Région des Pays de la Loire.

Presentation of the program

The format of the program "En quête d'innovation" (In quest for innovation) regularly comes back to pioneering collaborations between a research laboratory of Nantes University and a firm about a specific innovation. From a fuel cell running on hydrogen to a digital tablet which recharges itself with solar energy, find out the capacity of laboratories and firms to work together to change our daily life !

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