Danilo Norata - Translating adaptive immune cell metabolism : a lesson from inherited and acquired dyslipidemias

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  • Sujet : Conférence
  • Date de parution : 12/05/2016
  • Durée : 30 min
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Résumé de la vidéo

The immune response requires major changes to metabolic processes, including lipid metabolism and indeed, energy metabolism and functional activation are fully integrated in immune cells. Immune cell lipid metabolism has therefore become an attractive target area for therapeutic purposes. The importance of understanding and manipulating the integration of systemic and immune cell lipid metabolism through in-depth analysis of immune cell phenotype and function in human acquired and genetic dyslipidemia and, in parallel, of the effects of conventional metabolic drugs on immune cell differentiation and function in animal model of dyslipidemia will be the topic of the talk. As examples, the impact of apolipoprotein E variants, low density lipoprotein receptor deficency and post prandial lipid overload on T cells will be discussed. 


Giuseppe Danilo Norata, Prof, PhD, is Associate Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Milan, Italy, and is Honorary Senior Lecturer at the William Harvey Research Institute, Barts and The London School of Medicine & Dentistry Queen Mary University, London, UK. He graduated in 1996 in Pharmacy, received the PhD in Experimental Medicine at the University of Siena in 2002 and was a post-doc from 2002 to 2004  at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. His research activity is devoted to the investigation of molecular mechanisms involved in vascular and cardiometabolic diseases and their connection with immunometabolism from a translational perspective. He coordinates the activities at the Laboratory of Lipoproteins, Atherosclerosis and Immunity at the Department of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences in Milan and those of the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Genetics and Genomics at the Center for The Study of Atherosclerosis at the Bassini Hospital. He published more than 130 papers in the field of cardiovascular and immunometabolic diseases and participated as speaker and/or chairmen in several national and international meetings. Giuseppe Danilo Norata is Academic Editor of PLOS ONE and is a member of the Editorial Board of Nutrition Metabolism and Cardiovascular Disease. He is a member of the European Lipoprotein Club Organizing Committee, of the Faculty of the International Atherosclerosis Research School and of the European Working Group on Immunometabolism.

2nd IGO meeting

La seconde édition des conférences organisées par le Labex IGO (IGO meeting) s’est déroulée les 21 et 22 avril 2016 à la Faculté de pharmacie de Nantes.
Cette conférence a rassemblé 160 spécialistes de l’immunologie, de la transplantation et de l’oncologie. Des orateurs français et étrangers (USA, Grande-Bretagne, Pays-Bas, Espagne, Italie, Suisse) sont venus exposer leurs travaux et les dernières avancées dans leurs domaines de recherche. Des sessions (communications orales et posters) étaient également réservées aux jeunes chercheurs pour qu’ils puissent présenter leurs travaux et ainsi favoriser les échanges avec leurs collègues et les chercheurs séniors. Ce 2nd IGO meeting, en créant un environnement propice à l’initiation de nouvelles collaborations à l’intérieur et au-delà du périmètre du Labex IGO, a été un vrai succès scientifique.

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2nd IGO meeting

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