Andrea Balducci - Going toward high energy electrochemical capacitor: the essential role of the electrolyte

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Résumé de la vidéo

Several studies indicate that if the energy of EDLCs could be increased from the actual values to 15-20 Wh/kg, the number of applications in which these devices could be introduced would heavily be higher. The most convenient way to increase the energy of EDLCs is to increase their operative voltage, which is directly related to the stability (chemical and electrochemical) of the electrolyte. In this lecture the alternative electrolytes proposed in past years, based on organic solvent and ionic liquids, will be considered and critically analyzed. Particular attention will be dedicated to the identification and the chemical physical characterization of novel electrolytes. Additionally, the impact of novel electrolytes on the active and inactive components of EDLCs will be analyzed in detail: great attention will be dedicated to the suppression of detrimental processes occurring at high potentials.

Présentation de l'intervenant

Andrea Balducci is Professor for “Applied Electrochemistry” at the Institute for Technical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry and at the Center for Energy and Environmental Chemistry Jena (CEEC Jena) of the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, Germany. He is working on the development and characterization of novel electrolytes and active/inactive materials suitable for the realization of safe and high performance supercapacitors, metal-ion batteries and polymeric batteries. Prof. Balducci is authors/co-author of more than 120 peer reviewed articles.

ISEECap 2019

ISEECap 2019 (International Symposium on Enhanced Electrochemical Capacitors) gathered the most renowned international experts together with students and non-specialist engineers and researchers who share interest in electrochemical capacitors. A broad range of topics was covered, including electrochemical double layer capacitors, pseudocapacitive materials and related mechanisms, electrolytes and interfaces, modelling of phenomena and systems, microsupercapacitors and related components, systems integration and applications, fast charging battery electrodes for asymmetric and hybrid devices, characterization techniques, in-situ and operando methods. This edition celebrated the ten-year anniversary of the symposium series in the beautiful city of Nantes from 6th May to 10th May 2019.

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