Patrice Simon - 3- and 2-Dimensional materials for capacitive energy storage

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  • Date de parution : 30/09/2019
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Résumé de la vidéo

This presentation will give an overview of the research work we achieved on capacitive and pseudocapacitive materials and the challenges/limitations associated with the development of these materials. We will present first the state-of-the art of the fundamental of ion adsorption mechanism in porous carbons and its practical applications before moving to solid-state supercapacitor electrodes and devices. A second part of the talk will be dedicated to pseudocapacitive materials, starting with an introduction where we will remind some key difference between battery and pseudocapacitive materials. Key results obtained with 2-D MXene carbides but also metal oxides materials will be presented and discussed. A last part of the talk will be dedicated to the development of micro-devices for Internet of Things (IOT). Exemples of on-chip and flexible micro-devices will be presented and discussed.

Présentation de l'intervenant

Patrice Simon is Distinguished Professor of Material Science at the Université Paul Sabatier. His research focuses on the synthesis and characterization of nanostructured materials for electrochemical energy storage sources, including electrochemical capacitors and Li-ion batteries. He is former director of the Alistore European Research Institute ( focused on Li-ion battery research and Deputy Director of the French network on Electrochemical Energy Storage (RS2E,
Patrice Simon is member of the French Academy of technologies (2018), Senior Member of the Institut Universitaire de France (2017). He received several awards for his scientific contribution including an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (1012), the Silver Medal from the CNRS (2015), Conway Prize in Electrochemistry from ISE (2018), Grand Prix Pierre Süe from the French Society of Chemistry (2019). He is Fellow of the International Society of Electrochemistry (2017).

ISEECap 2019

ISEECap 2019 (International Symposium on Enhanced Electrochemical Capacitors) gathered the most renowned international experts together with students and non-specialist engineers and researchers who share interest in electrochemical capacitors. A broad range of topics was covered, including electrochemical double layer capacitors, pseudocapacitive materials and related mechanisms, electrolytes and interfaces, modelling of phenomena and systems, microsupercapacitors and related components, systems integration and applications, fast charging battery electrodes for asymmetric and hybrid devices, characterization techniques, in-situ and operando methods. This edition celebrated the ten-year anniversary of the symposium series in the beautiful city of Nantes from 6th May to 10th May 2019.

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